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The Marketer as Philosopher – Excerpt

10 selected chapters of Flint McGlaughlin’s “40 Brief Reflections on the Power of Your Value Proposition”

"Asking 'how' leads to information; asking 'why' leads to wisdom." This is the essence of Dr. Flint McGlaughlin's book, The Marketer as Philosopher.

After twenty-five years of asking "why" to a single question and testing his hypotheses using the web as a living laboratory, McGlaughlin has released a collection of his findings. These 40 brief reflections unfold in a series of layers that suggest a new framework and theory of messaging.

In this excerpt, you will get 10 chapters, including:

  • Reflection 4 “On the Message and the Inversion of the Micro-Yes Funnel”
  • Reflection 12 “On Offer Physics and the Danger of the Flawed Ask”
  • Reflection 25 “On Thought Sequence and the Danger of Disorientation”
  • Reflection 38 “On Customer Theory and the Danger of ‘Design-by-Committee’”

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